Elementary manners apply
You are welcome to reach out to me via booking form, filled out to the best of your ability to make a good first impression.

Let's establish a dignified and respectful communication by using polite language from the start and abstaining from lewd comments on a shoot. Obnoxious aggresive directions like 'More sex! Be more sexy!!' will instantly end our shoot and relationship altogether. Topics about genitalia or very intrusive personal questions won't be tolerated.
Help with bags/ equipment
When I'm traveling to a location with many bags/ suitcases I'll ask you to give me a hand bringing them from parking spot to studio. Likewise, when you arrive with a lot of lightning equipment, I'll be happy to help you carry stuff from your car.
Things to avoid
  • No touching

  • No shoes for indoor location if I organize it. Sometimes I arrange shoots in a hotel and ask that you take your shoes off and leave them by the door before walking to a room.

  • No flakiness. I enforce a retainer policy to ensure a photographer doesn't cancel last minute. If you truly have a serious event that prevents you from arriving to a shoot, then we can reschedule and I will keep the retainer for a future date. In case of severe weather conditions on a day of a shoot, I can return the retainer to you. Or if you wish, we can still shoot later and set a new date.
Retainer & Payment
A ~30% retainer is required to book a shoot with me. This ensures minimum to zero last minute cancellations / no-shows. Retainer can be paid by Venmo or Amazon e-gift card. Info will be provided upon finalizing shoot details.

Remaining fee is to be given at the start of the shoot. It can be cash or a Venmo transfer.
TFP collabs with fellow photogs/ models
I will do a TFP shoot with those who have a good portfolio and can contribute to my learning experience by doubling as a model. :) You'd have to look neat and healthy. Provide photos of yourself, displayed on your IG/ website or send me directly in DM.

Male photogs: I will do only portrait/fashion/editorial style as a TFP shoot.

Female photogs: I will do portrait/fashion/editorial/lingerie style as a TFP shoot.

File sharing: I like to share raw files with each other after a shoot is complete. The easiest way is to use 2 SD cards - 1 for you and 1 for me. My Canon R6 conveniently has dual card slots. If your camera has only 1 slot, then I can copy files from your SD card to my laptop with USB card reader. AirDrop transfer is another viable option.

See my photography portfolio here
File sharing
Paid shoots - Please let me know if you would share some images with me after a shoot. It will make me happy to post edited photos from our shoot to my website or instagram page with credits assigned to you. :)

TFP shoots - We share raw files at the end of the shoot, via USB card reader or AirDrop transfer. Or use 2 SD cards in a camera with 2 slots (if available) - 1 for you and 1 for me.
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