By Order of the Swords Empire
I only dedicate my time to gentlemen and expect nothing short of such. (Note: most photographers are male. I do shoot with female photographers too.) I like to know who is planning to shoot with me, so please fill the form stating your name and include your social links. That way I will have a general idea who I'm meeting, which is conducive to a more comfortable and correct acquaintance.
I often bring a variety of clothing to a shoot which turn into heavy/ bulky bags. If I'm traveling to a shoot location then I expect a man to help me carry bags when I arrive. I'm not a deranged brainless feminist and I welcome a masculine behavior from men. If you are not willing to offer help with bags to a woman then there is no need for us to meet.
I value men who go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. An atmosphere of comfort is easily created just by having a mere common sense. If you operate with dignity and respect, then we will have a productive and pleasant shoot.

I will need you to promise me that you will NOT do following:

  • No touching
  • No lewd comments/ vulgar talk about genitals or any body parts
  • No aggressive direction with loud indecent commands (shouting at me 'More sex!!!! Be more sexy!!!' or similar is super ugly and repulsive, which will instantly end our shoot.)
  • No shoes for indoor location if I organize it. I often arrange shoots in a hotel and ask that you take your shoes off and leave them by the door before walking to a room.
  • No flakiness. Once you said you will be present at a shoot I expect you to keep your word. For that matter I enforce a deposit policy to ensure a photographer doesn't cancel last minute. If you truly have a serious event that prevents you from arriving to a shoot, then we can reschedule and I will keep the deposit for a future date. In case of severe weather conditions on a day of a shoot, I can return the deposit to you. Or if you wish, we can still shoot later and set a new date.
File sharing
Please let me know if you would share some images with me after a shoot. It will make me happy to post edited photos from our shoot to my website or instagram page with credits assigned to you. :)